·       Composition:-
Each 2 gm. sachet
-        Caraway seeds     1000mg.
-        Chamomile flowers     800 mg.
-        Anise seeds    200 mg.
·      Properties:
Natural product with high tolerability
-         provide timely relief from colic, constipation,
gas, stomach pain, and flatulence.
-         treat appetite loss and make them enjoy
a healthy meal.
-        makes the immune system of children strong in the
long run.
-        relieve heartburn in children help our body fight
infections and prevent them from recurring.
-        rich in phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins,
minerals, and all the essential nutrients that keep
the heart functioning in a healthy manner.
-        contain antispasmodic properties that prevent
certain enzymes that are responsible for muscular
contractions in the body.
-        management of sleeping disorders.
-        Improves digestion.
·       Indications:
Fast relief of colic, gases, through its powerful synergestic effect as:
Ø  Anti spasmodic
Ø  Anti flatulance
Ø  Anti microbial
Ø  Carminative
Ø  appetizer, Digestive
Ø  tonic
Ø  relief sleep disturbance
Ø  Soothing, Calming
·       Dosage:
one filter-bag once daily, or as prescribed by the physician.
·       Usage:
pour 50 ml of boiled water in a cup over one filter-bag,
let steep for 3 minutes, sweet according to taste.
·       Packages :
Box of 10 sachets.
·        storage
keep away from direct sunlight in cold dry place.
·       Selling point:
- Pure natural herbs, free of preservatives.
- free of sugar, high safety profile.
- palatable taste.
- positive effect on breast feeding.