·      properties:

-  PRIMOFOL tablets contain a combination of folic acid and vitamin b12 that produce the maximum protection for the fetus during the first period of pregnancy.


·      Composition:-

Each tablet contains :

-        Folic acid                  400 mcg.    

-        Vitamin b12             1000 mcg.


·      Indications:

-        Prevention of neural tube defects.

-         Correction of Megaloblastic Anemia.

-        Prevention of Abortion.

-        Prevention of low birth weight.

-         Treatment of folic acid deficiency.

-        Enhancement of the physical activity.

-        Helps fertility in both women and men.

-         Solve hair problems thinning and grey hair.

-        Relieve chronic pain of back pain, neuropathy

-        Optimization of the immune status.

-         Prevention of congenital heart diseases.

-        Improvement of the cognitive functions in dementia and alzheimer.


·      Precaution:

-        If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have medical condition consult your doctor before use.

-        If any adverse reaction occurs, immediately stop using this product and consult your doctor.

-        Don’t use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of this product.


·      Dosage:

Once daily or as prescribed by the physician.


·      Main benefits:

-        Unique combination of folic acid and vitamin b12 in high concentration that produce maximum protection from neural tube defects.

-        Once daily tablets.

-        Small tablets easily used.


·      Package:

Box contains 30 tablets in 3 strips.


·      Storage:

-        Keep in the original package out of reach of children.

-        Store at a temperature not exceeding 30° in dry place.